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HSE policy

Our activities are to be carried out without inflicting any harm on people or material goods, and with the lowest possible negative impact on the surrounding environment.

Our resources will be administered in an environmentally responsible manner, at the same time as the company’s commercial interests are valued. We wish to act as a positive contributor with regards to the environmental problems facing society, by committing to continuous efforts to promote measurable and lasting environmental improvements in those areas of our activity which influence the external environment. Improvement areas are to be prioritised according to their level of environmental impact and the available technology within the company’s financial framework.

We will have a type of work environment which stimulates job satisfaction, and fulfilled members of staff who respect and value each other.

The President holds the overall responsibility for HSE issues and will, in cooperation with other managers and individual members of staff, contribute to the promotion of a good HSE culture. Line management will have ownership of and responsibility for HSE, including the responsibility to implement our HSE policy. The HSE coordinator will act as a partner, an initiative-taker and an adaptation force both for the President and for other managers with regards to HSE and external environment efforts. Each member of staff will show personal responsibility regarding HSE and focus on his or her own conduct.

We wish to achieve good results in these areas by openly communicating HSE results and by maintaining an open dialogue both internally and with our clients, as well as with the immediate environment, the authorities and society in general.

Accidents are to be prevented through continuous risk management and experience-based learning. We will provide for a good HSE culture by means of good reporting systems and by promoting fairness, flexibility and learning. We will apply a systematic and measurable approach to allow for the continuous improvement of our HSE culture.

All our activities are to be developed in accordance with the applicable legislation, and we will maintain our environmental certification according to NS-EN ISO 14001 standards.

Yearly welfare surveys will form the basis for the continuous evaluation and improvement of the psychosocial work environment.

Stavanger, June 3rd, 2008

Anna Aabø
Adm. direktør

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