Konferanse: Verdivalg ved anskaffelsen
Jan Erik Karlsen: Valgt til styremedlem ”The International Industrial Relations Association (IIRA) på IIRAs 14. Verdenskongress i Lima, Peru."
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The IRIS - Group

The IRIS Group with its 240 employees has an annual turnover of approximately NOK 200 million. The IRIS group is a research concern, consisting of the foundation International Research Institute of Stavanger AS (IRIS) as well as completely and partially owned subsidiary companies. We offer our customers specialised, yet integrated, expertise through research and related activities.

Extensive emphasis on commercialising research results has resulted in, among other things, the establishment of research-based subsidiary companies, who have long-term research assignments for industrial purposes, national and international. The subsidiary companies have a specialised task in our value adding process regarding commercialising, both industrialising and consulting.

In order to manage and develop the companies under ownership of IRIS, IRIS - Forskningsinvest a.s was established as a holding company for these ownerships. IRIS - Forskningsinvest a.s is 100% owned by IRIS.