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  Name:Master of Science Anne Bjørnstad
Position:Acting Reseach Director 
Research group:Marine Environment 
Phone:(+47) 51 87 55 26 

Personal information:

  • Casini, S., Fossi, M.C., Mori, G. & Bjørnstad, A., (2002). Vitellogenin induction in Cyprinus carpio treated with 17B- Estradiol and 4-Nonylphenol. Environmental Monitoring & Assessment 75: 235-239.
  • Ruoff, P., Bjørnstad, A. & Jakobsen, M. (1998). The complete UV- visible photoluminescence spectrum of aqueous Ce (III). Chemical Physics Letters 291: 249-251.
  • Skadsheim, A., Baussant, T., Bechmann, R.K., Bjørnstad, A., Gaudebert, B., Labes-Carrier, C., Jensen, I.C., Jonsson, G. (2000). Density and size dependent uptake of various PAC in organisms of a model food chain. Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds, Vol. 18: pp 161-175.