Norwegian drilling

Energy Department

IRIS has gathered all energy related R&D in a new department named IRIS Energy.In the new department, we will further develop the core activities within petroleum at the same time as renewable energy and CCS research will be strengthened.

The Energy department focuses on research and development of new technologies related to safe and environmentally sound exploration and exploitation of oil and gas, sustainable energy, and storage of carbon dioxide. Additional research areas include smart energy systems, natural gas based power generation, energy systems based on new fuels and geothermal energy.

The Energy department, along with its national and international research partners, is heavily engaged in long-term applied and theoretical R&D programs sponsored by the Research Council of Norway, the petroleum industry and the European Commission. Many of these R&D programs are open and can welcome new industrial participants and sponsors.

Research areas
Test facilities
  • Drilling and well technology
  • Reservoir technology
  • CO2 storage
  • Renewable energy
  • Natural gas
  • Ullrigg Drilling and Well Centre
  • Virtual Rig
  • Petroleum laboratory
Spinn-off companies
  • COREC – Center for Oil Recovery
  • Centre for Drilling and Wells for Improved Recovery
  • Center for Sustainable Energy Solutions (CenSE)
  • Norwegian Center for Geothermal Energy Research
  • Drilltronics Rig System AS
  • Drillscene AS
  • Badger Explorer ASA
  • Hole In One Producer AS
  • Tectonor AS