IRIS - Biomiljø

Integrated marine environmental research is a one of three top priority areas within IRIS' strategy. We develop knowledge and innovative sensing technology for continuous online and real time detection of pollutant induced changes in the environment. Different levels of the marine ecosystem are the focus of our attention and we target a combination of physical, chemical and biological indicators in order to provide an overall assessment in relation to ecosystem health, risk and potentially detrimental effects. Our objective is to make available an ecosystem based platform for monitoring marine environmental health.. Read More

An overall objective is to develop knowledge & new methods for better understanding of how pollutants affect the environment. We develop tools for environmental management.
Photo: Elisabeth Tønnesen
Biomarkers are important tools for early identification of environmental damage. Results from our proteomics & Biomarker research have been turned into industrial solutions.

Photo: Ciphergen
Competence building.
Transfer of knowledge & capabilities.
Training and teaching.
Organisation of workshops.
Master & PhD Students.
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