The Stavanger region is the most important region for oil and gas exploration and development in Norway. There is also a well developed industrial cluster related to the petroleum industry, with special know-how in deep well technologies and the pollutants affect in the marine environment. The Stavanger region is well known for high competence and delivering projects with high quality. The innovative, value-adding business development has created an open, welcoming atmosphere where local and international networking thrives.

IRIS has a substantial role in the national adding of knowledge and values, and is closely connected with University of Bergen and University of Stavanger. IRIS is also engaged in a number of multi-national projects, including EU programmes.

The EU R&D unit at IRIS is a joint initiativ between IRIS, University of Stavanger (UiS), Stavanger Hospital University (SUS) and Stord/Haugesund University College. The unit localised at UiS will among other things provide services and keep an overview of EU related research.

IRIS is engaged in a number of multi-
national projects, including EU programmes. You will find short project describtions at this link >
The EU R&D unit, a joint initiativ that provide services and keep an overview of EU related research
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